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Wastewater treatment solutions BIOSMART systems

BIOSMART sewage system in polyethylene from the ground in the shape of a truncated cone with constant wall thickness with a structure stiffened by horizontal ribs. The one-piece scrubber will be composed of a primary sedimentation phase, a percolation phase, an MBBR floating bed oxidation phase with filler body, a fine bubble air diffuser produced from the membrane compressor and a sedimentation phase. with cone and recirculation by air-lift pump in the sedimentation section primary and anaerobic filtration. On the upper part of the tank there are inspection plugs and a bayonet closing plug. The system is dimensioned according to the UNI EN 12566-3 standards, it must be suitable for a complete treatment of waste water from civil houses or similar, suitable for unloading on the ground or for reuse for irrigation or toilet cisterns.

Technical specifications

  • 6 E.H
  • Volume: 2250 l
  • Primary sedimentation: 1000 l
  • Denitrification (anoxic percolator) 270 l
  • 800 l ventilated biofiltration with diffusers and membrane fan;
  • Secondary sedimentation 180 l;
  • Air-lift sludge recirculation with dedicated membrane blower;
  • Electrical panel for timed control of two single-phase users.

Purification yields

Removed: BOD5 > 90%

Sedimentable Substances > 95%

Transportable diesel fuel tank STARTANK

The transportable fuel tank is produced with premium quality polyethylene by rotational molding technique which guarantees a constant thickness and a monolithic product and it is approved for diesel fuel. Used to store, transport and transfer diesel fuel for vehicles or mechanical devices in general, it is equipped with a digital liter counter.


  • Numeric,
  • Capacity 440 lt., 12V,
  • Range 40 lt/min.,
  • Size 1200x800xH700 mm.
  • Gray base color.
  • Lid with key lock
  • Weight: 55Kg
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